Update: Equipment Review — Aputure Trigmaster Plus 2.4G

For those of you who have been following this, i have been struggling with these radio triggers I bought through an Ebay seller. I used them again for a shoot on the 15th of January and the darned things just kept changing channels on me. I ended up giving up on them and going back to the old ones I had been using.

I e-mailed the manufacturer and, can you believe this, they told me that there was something wrong with that design and that they had fixed the issue in the current model. So… they told me that I can return them to the seller for a replacement.

So I e-mailed the seller. I was told — this is even better — that it was Chinese New Year and that I would have to wait until after the 31st of January to get any response from the seller. Go figure.

When I finally got a response from the seller, it turns out I will have to mail the triggers to CHINA at my OWN expense for a replacement. Which I will do, since I paid $130 for the things and I don’t want to fight with them. Though if it’s too expensive to send them back, I may file a complaint with Ebay for resolution. I don’t see why I should have to pay MORE to get something that works as originally advertised.

So anyway, the update is this: Don’t get these triggers unless the new ones actually do work. I would not recommend them as it sits; if the replacements work, I’ll let you know.

5 thoughts on “Update: Equipment Review — Aputure Trigmaster Plus 2.4G

  1. I have been using a pair of Trigmaster Plus 2.4G transceivers since December 2011 and I can only report good things about them.

    They just work, unlike some of the cheap alternatives I have used over the years. Like anything that runs from batteries, they do show a drop in performance as the battery charge drops. Primarily range gradually drops off, which isn’t normally a problem within a studio or home environment. The shutter sinc speed suffers at 1/250 on very low batteries, buy this can be overcome, changing to 1/200 until the batteries are completely drained, when they just don’t work.

    There is never that uncertain time, of whether they will fire the flash or not. If the batteries are good, they work and if the batteries are poor they don’t.

    When I bought these I got an amazing deal on eBay paying less than £40 (40 pounds stirling) for two, I see they have gone up since then, but still an excellent buy.

    It’s a great product, just buy it, use it & forget it’s there.

    PS. if you have an appropriate lead, you can rig them to fire two flash guns from one unit switched to RX mode, as I discovered by accident the other day while figuring out how to mount one of these attached to an old Nikon SB-24 onto an adaptor bracket for a Bowens soft box. The lead I have, is fitted with a spare hotshot connection. I plugged in a second flash & it was triggered too. That’s cool.

    PPS. Had channel hopping issue on the first day, though it might have been me bumping the channel change button accidentally. Anyway, I checked the internet for answers & this is what was suggested.

    Do this to one unit at a time, all other units must be switched off…

    Turn on the unit you are working with. Set to channel 6. Wait 30 seconds. Hold down channel set button for 30 seconds. Power off the unit. Repeat for all other units. They will now automatically power up on channel 6 & not drift. If you ever have to switch away from channel 6 they remain stable on all channels, but will alway now power up on channel 6.

    It worked for me. If it works for you, it could save a lot of hassle.

    1. Thank you for this information. I’ll give it a try and let you know whether it works. I’m not going to hold my breath, but if it works and I don’t have so mail them back to China, I’ll be happy.

  2. Thanks for the experience report. I bought the Aputure Trigmaster plus (from Hong Kong) and Trigmaster II (from The Netherlands). I hadn’t read your blog then.

    I used them – you can use plus and II together, very nice çause I like the plus for transmitters and the II for receivers – for a couple of months now and did not experience any of the problems described above.

    It seems the problems were solved in newer batches or quality control improved.

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