Fun With Film: One Reason to Love Film


Three whole stops underexposed.  I was walking around in Jerome, Arizona, carrying my Mamiya C220s, one loaded with Ilford Delta 400 and the other with Portra 400.  Unfortunately, my meter had been bumping around and it had ended up set at ISO 50.


So of course being the slave to technology I am, I went ahead and shot at the metered values, and it wasn’t until most of the way through the rolls that I realized that I was shooting three stops under.

Had I been shooting digitally, I would have truly been stuffed, as noise resides in the shadows and images that far underexposed would have likely been almost unrecoverable.  But when I got into the darkroom, I processed the Delta accordingly, and I told the processing lab to do the same with the color.  The images I got have a lovely look to them, very pretty and grainy.  The print I have of the pickup is amazing, and all of these images will be available for purchase in my shopping cart as soon as I get the cart up and running.




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