The Camera Blog

I am in the process of cataloguing and organizing my camera collection, and restarting relationships and friendships with some old camera friends.  Here is where I’ll be posting about cameras, restoration and repair projects, interesting tidbits, and other photographic oddities that I’ve collected over the years.

Old Cameras

I collect old cameras. I admit that I’m a bit of a junkie.  And people find out that I collect old cameras, and they give me things, which increases my collection faster than I can reduce it. I have been thinking for some time about what it is about the old cameras that makes me happy, and I really can’t put my finger on any single reason. I believe that each individual camera has its own soul, its own personality, and its own history. I have been narrowing my own collecting towards those cameras that are historically important, developmentally important, or that hold some sort of other compelling point of interest for me.  But there are other cameras that are weird, cute, unusual, or just plain fun to use — as I go through these I’ll try to give a little history of the camera, at least as far as I know it.  So let’s get started.